“Power Brand”

What is a “Power Brand”?

A brand is not just your company name and logo. It is your identity. It includes all the elements that people think about when they hear your company name—it’s how people identify you. When you build a power brand, this helps you generate credibility in the mind of your customer and allows you to break free from the shadow of your competitors.

As Chris and Jim say, there is no doubt about it — client perception is your reality! Building brand awareness is critical for an entrepreneur. To achieve mind capture, you must deliver an experience that your clients will remember, and branding will help create that emotional tie with your audience.

Our Brand-Building Partners

With a combined 45+ years in print, branding, publishing and customer service, Jim & Chris Howard have dedicated much of their lives to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners skyrocket their business through the power of branding, authoring and relationship-building.

Jim and Chris make branding easy to understand while they pull back the curtain and reveals in a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is kind of way what you need to do in order to be truly successful when it comes to your brand message.

Besides their many branding clients, Jim has personally worked with well over 800 authors including many New York Times Best-Selling authors such as Jay Conrad Levinson, Joel Comm, Brendon Burchard, and Mark Ostrofsky.

Branded For Success specializes in helping you make a lasting impression through: BRANDING—build an identity to rival the big guys; AUTHORING—become the authority in your field; and CUSTOMER SERVICE—it IS a part of your brand!

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